Study Bachelor Degree in Portugal in English

Study Bachelor Degree in Portugal in English

Study Bachelor Degree in Portugal in English. University was designed for students who have recently finished high school and plan to apply to Higher Education in Portugal. University will assist students from different countries in adapting to the European education system, developing language and academic skills at an appropriate level for successful progression to an undergraduate course at one of the best and most reputable young universities in the world. Students are guaranteed progression to the first year of a relevant degree , provided the progression criteria are met.

Study Bachelor Degree in Portugal in English

The program also includes English or Portuguese classes for foreigners to initiate skills in that language. Students are allocated to this module depending on the level of proficiency in English or Portuguese at the time of entry. Students with levels above B2 are exempt from taking this module.

Key Benefits of Attending, Study in Bachelor degree in Portugal in English:
?Prepare the pathway for an international University degree.
?Prepare the transition to the European university system by increasing autonomy and adjusting working methods.
?Improve or acquire Portuguese and English language competencies.
?Facilitate the subsequent entrance in one of the academic programmes at NOVA.
?Access optional courses in different academic areas.
?Live in the city of Lisbon, Portugal, one of the cities with the highest quality of life in Europe and in one of the safest countries in the world.

If you are from a country where English ​​is not the official language, you must submit a Certificate of Proficiency to certify your language skills.

 ?? From July to October: for candidates willing to attend the semester from February to August (Spring intake);
 ?? From January to May: for candidates willing to attend the semester from September to January (Fall intake).

     Information Management School – DATA SCIENCE (Teaching Language in English)

◼Information Management
◼Information Systems and Technologies
◼Data Science

Faculty of Science and Technology  (Teaching Language in Portuguese or English)

?Molecular biology
?Geological engineering
?Mathematics Applied to Risk Management
?Applied Chemistry
?Biomedical engineering
?Civil Engineering
?Materials Engineering
?Micro and Nanotechnology Engineering
?Environmental engineering
?Engineering and industrial management
?Electronic and Computer Engineering
?Physical Engineering
?Computer Science and engineering
?Mechanical Engineering
?Chemical and Biochemical Engineering

New School of Business and Economics (Teaching Language in English)


NB: Please mark up to three (3) degree courses you would like to study after successfully completing. We recommended that you submit your application in advance, in order to have enough time to make the necessary visa arrangements.

Required documents to Study Bachelor in Portugal in English:

?A motivation letter stating why the candidate is interested in completing the semester and/or what is the reason for wanting to take a Bachelor’s degree after the successful completion of the PU semester;
?A recommendation letter (optional)
?A document attesting the completion of high school. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit an official declaration from the school attesting when the candidate will be finishing high school
?A transcript of records with a full list of courses and corresponding grades. In case of not having finished high school at the time of application, the candidate must submit the transcript of records (with all the courses and respective grades)
?A copy of your passport
?A document certifying your language level for English
?A document demonstrating that the payment of the application fee was made.
NB: Students who are still finishing high school by the time they apply must submit the Diploma that proves they finished high school (or a legally equivalent document) until the end of the first month of classes of the Pre-University Semester.

Fees at University for Study Bachelor in Portugal in English (*Non-refundable) 

?Application fee: 70 €*
?Enrollment fee: 300 €* (Upon acceptance)
?Pre-University Semester fee: 2.700 €* (After visa approval and before classes start)                                                      ?Annual tuition fee: 7500 €
All payments should be made in euros
The tuition fee is subject to change and is non-refundable. Admitted students can defer for up to one semester without having to reapply. However, they must pay the enrollment fee to guarantee their place and inform the school no later than one month before the beginning of the term. If this deadline is disregarded or if there is an unsuccessful request to defer, it will be necessary to submit a new application.



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