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Study in Finland from Bangladesh, all the Bangladeshi students are welcome to apply for study permit with scholarship. It is the best opportunity to get full free scholarship.
There’s something about Finland that makes it a great study destination for Bangladeshi students. Finland is often rated as one of the most innovative countries in terms of higher education and training programmes, according to the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Report.

Study in Finland from Bangladesh

Finnish education is known for two things: The education system enjoys world-wide recognition for its excellence and, unlike in many other countries, there are no tuition fees. In Finland, education is regarded as a fundamental right and the Finnish education policy emphasizes equal opportunities for all.

Public universities in Finland offer a tuition-free education to students from the EU/EEA, and since the beginning of the autumn semester of 2018, non-EU/EEA students will have to pay tuition. However, if you are enrolled in a Swedish or Finnish taught degree program, tuition will be free even for non-EU/EEA students.

How can we help with visa applications
Thanks for considering Scholars Study Abroad eServices for your Finland Student Visa. Applying through the Scholars Study Abroad will bring complete satisfaction to your mind. Scholars Study Abroad is a pioneer in overseas education consultancies with over 5 years of experience. During these years, we have established many tie-ups with Finland universities and colleges.

So, we can easily obtain an offer letter from your dream institute. Our experts will also help you in choosing a study program which will be based on your interest, academic background, and funds available.
We keep in touch with the embassy to track your file. You can rest assured that you will face no hassle in obtaining your offer letter and Finland study visa.

Requirements to Study in Finland from Bangladesh

Study in Finland from Bangladesh, You have to register online with the Finnish Immigration service and then make an appointment to the visa application center you are directed to. The Swedish Embassy in Dhaka typically represents Finland in Bangladesh, but you might need to travel to India to submit the papers at the Finnish Embassy there.

One needs to have a residence permit in Finland for four years continuously, without any break for the Permanent residency. Moreover, you are required to apply for the permanent residency before your residence permit in Finland expires, but not before the three months of the expiration.

As a starting point, you can apply for a residence permit at the embassy or representative office in your country. You can also apply online, using the official Finnish Immigration Service

In the first instance your residence permit may be issued for one or two years but may need renewing depending on the duration of your university program.

  1. Fill in your application: gather your necessary documents for your application and apply online or by paper. Submit the documents asked for.
  2. Book an appointment: visit a Finnish embassy or consulate. This is to prove your identity for your application.
  3. Pay for your application: you can pay online, or when you go to the service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.
  4. Attend the appointment: identify yourself and present the original documents of the ones you uploaded.
  5. Wait for a decision: It takes around 1 – 3 months to process and an application. The Finnish authorities will contact you and let you know if you have been approved.
  6. Receive a residence permit: You may need to collect this when you arrive in Finland.

Work while Study in Finland from Bangladesh
International students with a residence permit in Finland are allowed to work as many hours as they wish if the job is related to the program they are studying. In general, as an international student you can work up to 25 hours a week during term time, and full time during holidays.


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