Study in Finland Requirements – Scholarships for Bangladeshi Student

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Study in Finland Requirements – Scholarships for Bangladeshi Student. Bangladeshi students studying in Finland for more than three months will need a residence permit for studies to join their program. An application costs up to €360 euros, and renewal fees also apply. Postgraduate students will need a residence permit for scientific research.

Study in Finland Requirements – Scholarships for Bangladeshi Student

Steps to get a Finnish residence permit
In the first instance your residence permit may be issued for one or two years but may need renewing depending on the duration of your university program.

  • Fill in your application: gather your necessary documents for your application and apply online or by paper. Submit the documents asked for.
  • Book an appointment: visit a Finnish embassy or consulate. This is to prove your identity for your application.
  • Pay for your application: you can pay online, or when you go to the service point of the Finnish Immigration Service.
  • Attend the appointment: identify yourself and present the original documents of the ones you uploaded.
  • Wait for a decision: It takes around 1 – 3 months to process and an application. The Finnish authorities will contact you and let you know if you have been approved.
  • Receive a residence permit: You may need to collect this when you arrive in Finland.
study in finland requirements
Study in Finland from Bangladesh

Your spouse and children can apply for their own residence permit to be able to join you in Finland while you study. Finnish immigration will try to process your applications together. You must be able to show that you not only have funds to support yourself while in Finland but also any dependents that are joining you.


Study in Finland requirements for Bangladeshi
You’ll need to show originals or copies of documents when applying for your residence permit. These can include:

  • Valid passport
  • Color Passport photo
  • Color copies of the passport’s personal data page and any passport pages that contain notes
  • A certificate of acceptance from a Finnish educational institution
  • Details of tuition fee payments or any scholarships
  • Proof of funds to support yourself
  • Proof of health insurance
  • Previous qualifications

Working with a Finnish student residence permit
Bangladeshi students with a residence permit in Finland are allowed to work as many hours as they wish if the job is related to the program they are studying. In general, as an international student you can work up to 25 hours a week during term time, and full time during holidays.

What to do if you are rejected for a Finland residence permit
Study in Finland Requirement, If you receive a negative decision you will also be informed of how to appeal against the decision.

The most common reason a residence permit for studies is rejected is because there is not enough evidence that you have the funds to support yourself. If you’re unsure about what to submit to show your finances, contact your nearest Consulate or Embassy to ask for details.


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