Romania Work Permit

Romania Work Permit for Bangladeshi

Romania Work Permit for Bangladeshi, If you are a citizen of  Bangladesh and would like to be employed in Romania, it is necessary to find an employer. After the employer’s decision to hire you, they will need to obtain you an approval of employment in Romania. You can be employed in Romania to a single employer, either a person or a legal entity.


Romania Work Permit for Bangladeshi

A Romania work visa, also known as a Romania work permit Visa (D/AM), is issued to foreign nationals who will travel to Romania to take up paid employment in a Romanian company. To get a Romania work visa, you must have a work permit from the Romanian Inspectorate General for Immigration. It is your employer in Romania who applies for a work permit on your behalf.


Job Categories and the Basic Information

After you receive a work permit, you may apply for the Romania work visa from your country.  Here some categories

With regards to the subject concerned this is to inform you that urgently we require for the following categories manpower from Bangladesh on the basis of following terms and benefits.
Job Categories and Salaries for ROMANIA WORK PERMIT::
1. Farm & Firm Processing Worker (30)
Salary: 450 Euros
2. Vegetable Farm Worker (40)
Salary: 450 Euros
3. Cattle Farm Worker (20)
Salary: 450 Euros
4. Tractor Driver** (10)
Salary: 700 Euros
5. Cook- Continental & Indian Cuisine ** (10)
Salary: 500 Euros
6. Chicken Factory Worker (20)
Salary: 600 Euros
7. Welder TIG/MIG (10)
Salary: 1000 Euros
NB: All skilled categories need # Trade test Certificate #Experience Letter # For Driver- Driving License. # For non skilled categories need video along with Bio data and other documents.
Basic Information:
?Basic Salary- As mentioned above
?Duty: 8 hours per day 6 days in a week
?Over time: As per company
?Food: Provide by company
?Accommodation: Provide by company
?Medical & Insurance: Provide by company
?Transport: Provide by company
?Yearly Leave: Provide as per company laws
We are looking forward to your kind Cooperation and wonderful business opportunities ahead for Romania work permit.

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