croatia visa for bangladeshi

Croatia Visa for Bangladeshi with advanced TRP

Croatia Visa for Bangladeshi Students. You can apply joint transfer Croatia to Malta program is intended for students who wish to pursue their Bachelor’s Degree in the fields of Business Management or Tourism & Hospitality Management.


Croatia Visa for Bangladeshi with advanced TRP

Croatia, officially the Republic of Croatia is situated in south- Eastern Europe at the crossroads of the Adriatic Sea and the Pannonia plain. Zagreb is the capital of Croatia and also the largest city in the country. Croatia borders with Hungary in the north, Slovenia in the north-west, Serbia in the north-east, Montenegro in the extreme south, Italy and Slovenia on the Adriatic Sea.
Croatia is classified as an open and developing economy by the International Monetary Fund and high income economy by the World Bank. Traditionally, Croatia is a tourism oriented country.

Craotia visa for Bangladeshi, Students can apply to the subjects are below:

1. International Foundation Program
Tuition Fees: 4500 Euro
2. International English Exam Preparation Course
Tuition Fees: 4500
3. OTHM Transfer Courses in Business Or Tourism and Hospitality Management
Tuition Fees: 6000 Euro (We prefer)

Step by Step Admission & TRP Process for Croatia Visa for Bangladeshi


  • Without IELTS
  • Capital: Zagreb
  • 5+ Years GAP Accepted
  • Currency: Kuna
  • Without Embassy Interview*
  • More Than 85% People Speak English
  • Low Budget
  • Croatia -Home of Many Inventions
  • One Day Old Fund
  • Easy to Get PR
  • Easy Visa Process
  • Job Market is Good
  • Multi-Lingual Environment
  • Key to Enter EU Zone
  • Any Country Refusal Accepted
  • High Quality of Life


Please email below documents to

1. Submit below list of documents (all documents must in one PDF)
o Passport copy
o 10th onwards all education documents
o Experience Letter (if any)
o Proof of English Proficiency (IELTS or PTE or MOI from school)
o SOP (Statement of Purpose)
o Student email (as student will get direct offer letter)


2. Upon the receipt of the documents, we will schedule an online interview with the Director of Studies or one of our Faculty members to check your motivation for studying with us. (process 2 working day)

o We will have a short discussion in which you will present your educational and personal background, talk about your future goals and ambitions, all to make sure you are making the right choice.

o If you meet our academic requirements and pass your online interview successfully, you will be issued an Offer Letter, stating the financial conditions of our offer and payment deadlines and details.

o Please note that each offer letter we issue has a unique verification code which you need to check the status of your admission process online.

3. You must transfer application Fees: euro 220 and 50% of your tuition fees.

o After we receive your payment, we will issue payment receipt (process 2 working days)


4. We will apply TRP in Croatia (process one-month)

o We will do.

§ We will apply Croatian OIB (PIN Number)

§ We will issue rental contract (stay in hostel)

§ International Heal Insurance (Candidate will pay around 80 euro)

§ Institute Acceptance Letter


o You must arrange below

§ Passport all pages Notarized

§ Bank statement under student name with minimum 5,00,000/- bank balance

§ Photo – passport size (3,5 X 4,5 cm)

§ Education documents apostille

§ Police Clearance Certificate issued by passport office

o All documentation written in any other language than Croatian must be translated to Croatian by the Court sworn interpreter in Croatia.


5. Once we received the TRP in Croatia, we will send TRP and visa documents to apply Croatia visa in India

6. After visa approval student must pay the balance 50% tuition fees

7. Within 15 days VFS will issue original passport with visa stamp


Croatia Visa for Bangladeshi Fee


v Visa Fee: Rs 5,000/- (Euro 60)

v VFS Logistics – INR 1667/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%)

v Optional Courier Fee – INR 500/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%)

v Optional SMS – INR 333/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%)

v Optional Premium Lounge – INR 2917/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax –SGST @9% and CGST@9%)

In addition, applicants submitting their applications in Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, Chennai and Bangalore need to pay INR 833/- (inclusive of Goods & Service Tax – SGST @ 9% and CGST @9%)

Mode of Payment Only Cash

*The Visa Fee is subject to change without notice.

Feel free to get in touch for further clarification.

Work while Study in Croatia from Bangladesh

Bangladeshi students have the right to secure employment while studying in Croatia as long as they are enrolled in an Institution. Students can work up to twenty hours per week after obtaining temporary residence permit.

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