Study in Romania from Dubai for Bangladeshi Students

Study Abroad Description

Study in Romania from Dubai, Malaysia, and Bangladesh for Bangladeshi Students. Romania is one of the best choices for many Bangladeshi students at present due to the high success visa ratio. Scholars Study Abroad help you to find suitable universities in Romania and ensure your admission according to your academic profile.

Romanian universities offer a great choice of undergraduate and postgraduate programs in Romanian, English, French, and German. Study in Romania from Bangladesh gives you the opportunity to enjoy a cheaper cost of living than in other parts of Europe. Universities in Romania do not require IELTS or TOEFL as an entrance Examination.

Study in Romania from Dubai for Bangladeshi Students

You are accepted as long as you have the basic requirements from your home country. Bangladeshi students in Romania do not require a working permit as long as they hold a residence permit for studying in the country. Students are allowed to work four hours/day with no working permit.

Requirements to Study in Romania From Dubai  

In Romanian, Bangladeshi students get the advantage of the wonderful blend of tradition and modernity, vitality and performance, along with traditional and new campuses at a low cost making it the perfect destination for international students.

?Passport: Original Passport with a validity of at least 12 months after the intended date of departure and a minimum of two blank pages for visa stamp.
?Visa Application Form: Completed and signed national visa application form
?Photo Specification: Color photograph (35mmx45mm) with white background
?Covering-Letter: Covering letter mentioning details of applicants, passport details, travel details, and who will bear expenses details.
?Confirmation of Enrollment: Original letter from the University of Recognized Educational Institution confirming admission and duration of the course.
?Approval Letter: A copy of the Romanian Ministry of Education’s approval letter.
? Tuition Fees Payment Receipt: A payment receipt is proof that you have made payment to the institution.
?Attested Academic Documents: Please submit your all-academic documents to Embassy/VAC
?Financial Means: Proof of financial means to cover the costs for the time of your studies.
?Health Insurance: A proof of health insurance coverage whole period of study.
?Attested Birth Certificate: An original copy of the Birth Registration Certificate.
?Police Clearance: An original copy of the Police Clearance Certificate. If you want a Police Clearance Certificate
?Accommodation Details: Once you have confirmed where you will be studying, you just need to show accommodation details.

Work while Study in Romania from Dubai

An international student in Romania does not require a working permit, provided that they hold a residence permit for studying in the country. Non-EU students are allowed to work 4 hours per day. If you want to work more than this specified limit, you should apply for a work permit.

In addition, you will likely enjoy your study here as you can seek part-time jobs to even further relieve the fees burden. If you are prospecting studying in Romania you are definitely making a well-informed decision with tuition affordability in mind.


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