MBBS in Romania- Low Tuition- Easy Visa Procedures for Bangladeshi

Study Abroad Description

MBBS in Romania from Bangladesh. Romania is one of the best options in Europe for MBBS and offers students excellent quality of education in English, French or Romanian language, a rich cultural heritage, affordable tuition, and living expenses.

Studying medicine, Dental and Nursing in Romania is an attractive choice for many international students due to the reasonable tuition fees and living expenses in Europe. We guarantee you admission to the best medical school for you, where you will get all the necessary support you may need to become a physician.

MBBS in Romania for Bangladeshi Students

MBBS in Romania make Romanian universities and schools unique opportunities for medical students’ personal and professional growth. Universities and schools of Medicine in Romania are dedicated to the basic training of physicians, but also dentists, pharmacists, physiotherapists, midwiferies, nurses, as well as all postgraduate specialty medical training.

Working with you, we guarantee you admission to the best medical school for you, where you will get all necessary support you may need to become physician.

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?6-year medical program
?Lower entry requirements
?Medical student transfer possibilities
?Medicine in English, French and Romanian languages
?Lower tuition fees (4.950€)
?Safe destination to study medicine
?Safe & intercultural study environment
?Recognized worldwide,
?Easy connection to other European cities (medical schools)

????????? Requirements ???? ?? ???????

1. Application form for the issuance of the acceptance letter for studies
2. Application form for the university
3. High School Diploma which allows the access of the candidate to the respective education program copy and legalised translation (English or Romanian)
4. Transcript of records from High School- copy and legalised translation (English or Romanian)
5. Birth certificate: copy and legalized translation (English or Romanian)
6. Passport Copy – valid at least 6 months after the date when the letter of acceptance to studies is issued; Application deadline to medicine in Romania
7. Identity card (proof of permanent address ) translated copy-
8. Medical certificate in English to prove that the applicant does not suffer from contagious diseases( HIV, TBC, Hepatitis C) or other illnesses incompatible with the future profession) –
10. English/Romanian language certificate B2 or Placement Test
11. Another bachelor’s diploma from the medical field(If any)
12. Annex 8

mbbs in romania
MBBS in Romania from Bangladesh

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Annually, each medical university/school fixes the application period. Theoretically, there are 2 application sessions, but the second depends on the availability of free seats. The approximate application period to study medicine in Romania: ??? ????????? ???? ????? ?? ????? ???? ?? ????.

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Tuition fees: 5000 to 6250 Euro/year for most medical schools/universities. One medical school: 7000 for EU/Cee students and 9000 Euros for non-EU/EEA students. Application fee or file processing fee: to apply to MBBS in Romania, the applicant is required to pay the application fee which also varies from different schools. It varies from 150 to 350 Euros per application file.


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