Budapest Metropolitan University – Budapest is a Good City for International Students – IELTS is Not Mandatory

Study Abroad Description

Budapest Metropolitan University is an accredited and one of the top leading private universities of higher education in Budapest, Hungary. It is formally known as the Budapest Metropolitan University, BMU, or Metu. This university is one of the top universities in Budapest in terms of rank and recognition. They offer courses in communication, business, tourism, and art.

Budapest is a good city for international students as it offers many different cultural and educational opportunities. It is also a safe and affordable city with an ever-growing community of International students seeking the best abroad higher education experience from all over the world.

Application process:

Official authority “Scholars Study Abroad” is here for you. Our expert team will guide you every of the way. 

Why you should Study at Budapest Metropolitan University in Budapest (METU)

  •  Budapest is in the heart of Europe! According to the Global Peace Index 2021 Report, Hungary is among the 20 safest countries around the world among 163 countries.
  •  Living expenses are much more affordable in Hungary than in Western European countries
  •  While it still offers a Western European way of life and possibilities.
  •  Great Opportunity to get 9 month stays back option after graduation.
  •  Students applying to Budapest Metropolitan University just require a minimum of 60 % grade which is somewhere around C and D grades.
  •  Yearly 2 intakes Spring & Fall
  •  Budapest Metropolitan University offers a wide range of study programs in the fields of
Budapest Metropolitan University
Budapest Metropolitan University

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  •  Communication and Media Studies
  •  International Relations
  •  Finance and Accounting
  •  Tourism & Catering
  •  Commerce and Marketing
  •  MBA
  •  Management & Leadership
  •  Marketing
  •  Tourism Management
  • Teaching Language is taught in English at Bachelor’s and Master’s level

Program Fields are: Bsc, Msc, BA & MBA
Study Location: Budapest, Hungary

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  • 6 Semester for BA & BSc
  • 4 Semester for MA & MSc

Budapest Metropolitan University, Hungary – IELTS is not Mandatory

The Best opportunities for the Bangladeshi students who are interested to study in Hungary. The facilities are for Bangladeshi students at present are not need to travel to India, submission will be in Bangladesh. You can apply with or without IELTS but you must to have face interview from BMU via Skype.

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  • Passport info page
  • Photograph 35/45 White Background
  • All academic Certificates and Transcripts
  • Update Euro pass CV
  • Language Proficiency Certificate (If any)
  • Two Recommendation Letter
  • SOP
  • Application/ Registration Fee

Language exams requirements:

Basically, IELTS is not mandatory, there is a Zoom interview as one of the steps of the application procedure and we will test the students’ English level skills on the Zoom Interview. Although, IELTS is not mandatory, for Bachelor level applicants they should have knowledge of 5.5 IELTS and Master level applicants the English level of knowledge of 6.0 levels.

Students will be invited for a Skype interview, where we access their English. After the Skype interview, they will have a Math test. (It is high school Math)

Math test

40 min Math test: 10 questions with multiple choice options from high school topics, it is considered successful from 60%. It is before the discussion part of the zoom interview.  Student will get a link.  0/1/2/3 points gained – 0-30% – FAIL, 4/5/6 points gained – 40-60% – Offering Professional Foundation to Semester for Business Programs, 7/8/9/10 points gained – 70-100% – SUCCESSFUL TEST, candidate can start the main program straight away.

Math is compulsory if student chooses from the following programs: –

  • Business administration and management,
  • Finance and accounting,
  • Commerce and marketing,
  • Tourism and catering.

No math test required at BA ART related programs:

  • Communication and media science,
  • International relations programs, and before master programs.



Early Bird Scholarship:

BMU offer 10% discount for the International Students who apply by the Early Bird “deadline. Fostering talent and hard work is a core value at Budapest Metropolitan University, that’s why we have launched our brand new

 Excellence Scholarship Program.

  1. 30 new students will be selected for our new Merit-based scholarship of 1,000 EUR each for the first academic year of studies
  2. From the second year, the 42 best students have the option to extend the merit-based scholarship and also benefit from our academic scholarship, which is a further 500 EUR reduction from every semester.

PARTNERSHIP Scholarship:

  • Graduate from Budapest Metropolitan University (BMU) and study 1 year in the UK!
  • Students of METU have the option to finish their education at BMU and go to North Umbria University
  • Top-up in the fields of Accounting and Finance, Business and Business Enterprise- Creation with a 30% discount. This way the students have the opportunity to get a UK Student visa. 


Tuition fees for 1 year (2 semesters): fee depends on the chosen program.

  • Application fee: 150 EUR
  • Tuition fee: On average 6000 to 7000 EUR for the both Bsc & Msc Program.

Not mandatory fees but highly recommended for the visa purposes to have them, these also must be paid after a successful zoom meeting (if you choose our services):

  •                               Visa Assistance fee: 100 EUR
  •                               Health Care Insurance: 150 EUR
  •                               Dormitory deposit: 750 EUR
  •                               Dormitory rental fee for 1 month: Depends on the room

NB: It is very import information for our students. For the sake of obtain a visa you should submit to the embassy premium insurance with 3000 Euros coverage and obviously proof of accommodation. Both of these documents are helping you to clear your positive intention. This is absolutely good sign for a student.

In case of Visa rejection non refundable fees:

  •                               Application fee: 150 EUR
  •                               Administration fee: 200 EUR
  •                               Visa assistance fee (only if the students used this service): 100 EUR


Once the Skype interview is over and the Admission Committee approves of the applicant, we will issue him a Conditional Acceptance Letter.

–          At this point student will have to pay (Student will be also entitled for an Early Bird discount of 10%) and once the payment reaches us, we will issue him a Final Acceptance Letter.

  • –          Please remember that University ask for 2 semesters of tuition fee payment to be done.
  • –          You will have to get an appointment for your students at the relevant Embassy
  • –          Train them for the visa interview
  • –          Send us all their docs for a pre-check to boost their visa chances.
  • –          Give us some feedback regarding dorm issues.

Overall outline what you should always consider when sending us applicants:

BA/BSc applicants should have at least the level of 5.5 IELTS level English (BUT IELTS IS NOT MANDATORY) and be not more than 26/27 years old, MA/MSc applicants are required to have at least 6.0 level and be not more than 32/33 years old

  • Maths level should be above 60% in their transcripts (better chances of passing our maths test and the on the spot test at the Embassy, if applicable)
  • There should be no failed subjects in their past
  • Students should have basic knowledge of the field they are willing to study at (example: in case they want to study International Relations, they should have at least have a clue on common knowledge information like who the president of the US is, what Brexit is, what are Soviet ex-states…etc) Business students should give the definition of IMF, EU, LTD, VAT, etc
  • Essential knowledge of Hungary and good motivations/reasoning that they can explain us why they actually want to study here – it’s needed as we pre-check their intentions since Embassy will be doing it on a much stronger level.
  • Applicants should be ready to pay two semester tuition fee to get the Final Acceptance Letter and they, or their sponsor should have a solid saving of 10-12 thousand EUR


  • o   Fresh payments on the bank account are not tolerated and end in rejection
  • o   Pensioner parents cannot be sponsors
  • o   Sponsors should have a regular income
  • o   Bank statement will be checked six months back, so ask students to place equal chunks of money on the bank account today!

Please remember that we have a legal advisor that checks docs before submission and can give you feedback. Make sure to collect the docs of your students and share them with us.

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