Australia International Students – Best Destination to Study Abroad

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Australia International Students. Australia is currently the third most popular destination for international students in the English-speaking world, behind the United States and the UK. Many international students choose to study there because of the cultural diversity, friendly natives, and high quality of education.

Fully vaccinated eligible student visa holders can travel to Australia without needing to apply for a travel exemption. International students are encouraged to consult the Australian Government Study Australia website for information including student arrival plans, latest travel advice, pre-departure information, a step-by-step guide to visa and entry, frequently asked questions, and more.

Dreaming of being an international student in Australia? Learn how to study in Australia, and find helpful information for international students at Australia has been a prime destination for studies for many years to the International students for its quality education system. Even for the students of Bangladesh, Australia has been a lucrative location for its high acceptance of qualifications throughout the globe. Furthermore, Australia’s unique visa issuance system has also made it a chosen location for International students.

Overseas students guide to work, live, and study in Australia. Information about Australian cities, life, courses, and much more for international students.

Generally, Australia international students as citizens of other countries are required to obtain a valid student visa, which ascertains their legal status for staying in Australia. Students who have obtained the Student Visa (subclass 500) can stay in Australia for up to 5 years, depending on their enrolment in Australia, when students apply for their visa, they need to get the Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) for each course and submit it to the Department of Home Affairs of the Australian Government. Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) is compulsory for all overseas students. Each student visa applicant must prove that they have enough financial ability to pay for their tuition, books, and daily living expenses while they study in Australia.

Most individual universities in Australia have their own set of criteria for admissions. While gap year acceptability varies from one university to another, small gaps of one or two years are normal. You will however need to justify large gaps of three to four years though.

Australia International Students – Best Destination to Study Abroad

Tuition Fees:
Tuition fees for international students in Australia start at around $30,000 (Australian dollars) per year of study. The average fee is over $40,000. Australian universities charge tuition fees based on the number of units you take. The annual fee for a course is the cost of 2 semesters of full-time study (8 units).

Language Proficiency:
For the Australia international students, IELTS is accepted by the Department of Home Affairs for many visa categories, as well as for permanent residency in Australia. It is also a requirement for some Australian professional organizations and accrediting bodies. The minimum IELTS score for Australian immigration is 6.0

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Australian universities and colleges provide a wide range of scholarships to meritorious international students to help them fund their studies. Apart from this, many scholarships, grants, and bursaries are also offered by the Australian government, public and private establishments.

Insurance Plan:
Australia has a special health insurance coverage for international students called Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC). OSHC is insurance designed to help international students cover the costs of medical and hospital care that they may need while in Australia. AHM Health Cover $478 yearly

You can apply to bring your family to Australia on your initial student visa application, or you can apply to have your family join you after your course begins. You should declare your immediate family members on your visa application, even if you don’t plan to travel with them to Australia.

Pregnancy has the potential to affect your capacity to study and has implications for your DFAT Student Visa (subclass 576). Therefore, if you are pregnant while in Australia, you should consider speaking with the Student Contact Officer at your institution and keep them informed throughout.

Any pregnant woman is able to access care for herself and her baby in Australia during pregnancy, birth, and afterward. However, if you are a visitor, student, or newly arrived in Australia, the cost of your care will depend on the status of your visa or residency.

Financial requirements:
Evidence of sufficient funds to cover tuition, travel, and living costs. From February 2018, the amount you need to prove you have for living costs (separate from tuition and travel) is set at AU$20,290 (~US$13,750) for a year.

Sponsors can be the applicant, parents, grandparents, or spouse only ( relatives like a brother, sister uncle, aunt, cousin, family friend are not acceptable). School applicants have no restriction on sponsors. Relatives can sponsor If they are permanent residents in Australia.

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Once you have confirmed where you will be studying, you must need to show accommodation details.

Before packing everything and buying a plane ticket to Australia, you should also think about your budget. While Australian universities offer top-quality education, they aren’t exactly cheap. If you add in the monthly living costs, it’s easy to see how the budget grows fast.

On-campus accommodation is the cheapest housing option for students, starting at around 440 AUD per month. If you’d like to rent a place, a one-bedroom apartment will cost anywhere from 1,300 AUD (outside the city center) to 1,750 AUD (in the city center).

Permanent Residency for the Australia International Students:
The Australia PR visa has a validity of five years. With a PR visa, you can move into Australia along with your family. You can apply for citizenship after living in Australia for three years with an Australia PR visa.

Marrying an Australian to get residency is possible if all relevant valid visa applications and grant requirements are met. If your spouse is an Australian citizen or permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen, they may be eligible to sponsor you for a permanent residency visa in Australia.

Work Permit for Australia International Students

Australia now offers up to 4 years of Post-Study Work (PSW) rights to international students post completion of their respective Bachelor or Masters Degree in regional areas.

An Australia International student on a Student Visa is entitled to earn a minimum wage of $18.23 per hour or $719.20 per 38 hours in a week for working both on-campus and off-campus during the period of their full-time study. Australian student visas usually allow full-time degree students (undergraduate and postgraduate) to work up to 40 hours per fortnight in the academic year and unlimited hours during the summer holidays.


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