Study in USA without IELTS – Guaranteed I20 – Low Tuition Fee Universities in USA

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Study in USA without IELTS – Guaranteed I20 – Low Tuition Fee Universities. Scholars Study Abroad is here for you to find the best and most suitable universities in the USA. We ensure you guaranteed I20 for the upcoming intakes in 2023.

Study and Grow your career in the USA. Do not miss the upcoming Opportunity to apply for a study visa in the USA. The upcoming intakes will pop up with the highest visa success in the USA for Bangladeshi students. Admission is going on for the Upcoming Spring intake 2023.


Study in USA without IELTS – Guaranteed I20

Study in USA without IELTS from Bangladesh
Study in USA without IELTS from Bangladesh


We are working among the best universities in the USA at the moment with enormous opportunities to avail scholarships for Bangladeshi students. And the bottom line is, at the moment visa issuance ratio is very high and this is a golden opportunity which we should not miss out on.

Please note that this amount does not include the one-time International Student Enrollment Fee, personal expenses, health insurance, transportation, and books or increases in tuition and fee expenses in succeeding years (average annual increases approximately 5%).


Tuition Fee$3,450
Comprehensive Fee$8750


IMPORTANT: *Graduate tuition for academic year 2022-2023 is set at $575 per credit. All fees must be paid by the first day of class or students must be enrolled in the payment plan. Payment plans are not available on Term II starts and Summer Semester.

IMPORTANT NOTES: – All students are required to submit a course-by-course evaluation of transcripts through a NACES accredited agency. – All students MUST submit their course-by-course evaluation by the Orientation date, otherwise, they will not be able to register for classes


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