Study in Cyprus without IELTS from Bangladesh

Study Abroad Description

Study in Cyprus without IELTS from Bangladesh. Cyprus, being one of the top destinations for students to study abroad, has a strong hold in market for those looking forward for an opportunity to pursue their higher studies at eminent campuses from where a strong career path awaits them at their dream companies.

Study in Cyprus without IELTS

Institutions like Global College, Alexandra College and University of Nicosia accept students Study in Cyprus without  IELTS score and it comes out to be quite an affordable student destination for higher studies.

Being one of the Europe’s prime student destinations, it can also act as a gateway for higher studies in other European countries.



Why Study in Cyprus?

study in cyprus
Study in Cyprus from Bangladesh

At present, a number of educational institutes of Cyprus are providing higher education to International students. Cyprus offers high-level education in very affordable fees which is further very beneficial for their future. Most of the population of Cyprus is multilingual and English is commonly spoken language here which offers a supportive environment to International Students. Being famous as Island of Love, Cyprus offers healthy environment and multicultural society to students at reasonable living cost. Moreover, there are a number of reasons to choose Cyprus for study purpose, which are:

Business Programs

High Success Rate

Affordable fee structure

No IELTS/ TOEFL required

Requirements to Study in Cyprus

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Study in Europe from Bangladesh

Every year, a number of International students take admission in Institutes of Cyprus as it offers higher education in a safe, multicultural environment at very reasonable cost. Remember, eligibility criteria of all Colleges and Universities of Cyprus is not same. Some Institutes may have slightly different criteria. Students can apply for undergraduate courses in Cyprus twice a year.  Study in Cyprus without IELTS

Study in Cyprus without IELTS from Bangladesh, If a student is applying for admission in any Cyprus Institute, then following requirements must be fulfilled:

  • Age 18 to 21
  • Tuition Fees After Visa Approval.
  • Admission Fees.
  • All-Academic Certificates and Transcripts (Attested by Education Board, Education & Foreign Affairs Ministry).
  • Passport (Minimum 2 years Validity).
  • Police Clearance Certificate.
  • Bank Statement and Solvency Certificate (At Least 7000Euro we will provide).
  • Medical Certificate (Chest x-ray, Hepatitis B&C, HIV 1-2, VDRL & TPHA).
  • Consulate Attestation Fees.
  • 4 Copies Photo
  • Embassy Fees.
  • DHL Courier charge.

✔ Note: Study in Cyprus without IELTS As a Cyprus rules students must carry 2000 Euro when they will fly to Cyprus.

How to Apply Study Visa for Cyprus

International students need a study permit to study in Cyprus. Study visa of Cyprus is issued by the Civil Archive and Migration Department of Cyprus. Students must provide a list of documents to the College in which they are applying for higher studies in Cyprus. Then the College will apply for a student visa on the behalf of student. The list of required documents is:

The list of required documents is:-

A completed application form

Application fee

Passport-size photographs

Academic documents

Work while Study in Cyprus

Cyprus offers work opportunities to International students in order to earn enough for living expenses. There are a number of work opportunities in hospitality and hotel sector as these are the better-paid sectors. Students also get work opportunities in finance and IT sectors during their study. Moreover, Cyprus has low levels of taxation and slightly lower living costs. Students have usually twenty to thirty working hours per week.

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????? ?? ?????? without IELTS With Complete Package II Guaranteed visa without Interview Including Our Package: Application fee One Year Tuition Fees 3000 Euro All-Academic Certificates and Transcripts attested by education & Foreign Affairs Ministry Bank Statement and Solvency Certificate (At Least 7000 Euro) DHL Courier charge Embassy Fees Documentation and all supporting documents for visa processing Our Service Charge #Total_Package_including_our_service_charge 4,50,000 BDT

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